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Friday, August 21, 2015

Outdoor Sale!

Join us through the end of August - all outdoor furniture and accessories are 25% off. Here's just a few examples of the outdoor products we have in stock. Get inspired!

With fall weather, football games and cool evenings right around the corner, take advantage and create your own personal paradise with us!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Meet the Staff: Susan

If you've spent any time with us at Joan Hawkins Art & Interiors - as a client, as a customer in the shop - you know that Susan and Richard keep things running as smooth as possible. But what else do you know about them? Take a look in our second installment as we highlight our resource librarian, senior staff designer, creative assistant to Joan and visual merchandising visionary for the shop, Susan Bryan!

Hometown: Woodville, Miss

Years at JHAI: 6

How did you get started in the design world?
I was always interested in art and design. I detoured into commercial art for a while, but was soon drawn back to interior design. I worked at Navarro-McLean Interiors for years before coming to JHAI. But it probably goes all the way back to building my own Barbie dollhouse as a kid. (I can still see something and think "Barbie would love that!)

If you could pick any style for your own home, what would it be?
It would have to be a "soft contemporary," which to me, means having the clean simplicity of modern design tempered by the texture and warmth of rustic weathered elements. And a few family antiques thrown in, cause they are close to my heart.

Where do you find design inspiration?
Everywhere, really. It comes from seeing form, color and pattern in ordinary things - usually when you aren't looking for it.

What is a project you worked on that you were proud of?  What made it so  special?
I have a client who needed a guest bedroom for her young granddaughter. Their relationship is so close and special, I knew the design had to be for both of them. So we created a little oasis, using a color palette from nature and motifs of lotus and dragonflies to appeal to their mutual love of the outside world.

Favorite item currently in the store?
A vintage acrylic footstool covered in shaggy faux fur -- just for the whimsy of it. Makes me smile!

Favorite Fondren restaurant?

What do you love most about working at JHAI?
I love seeing what's new -- the latest fabrics and furniture designs.  And we can bring our dogs to work!
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