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Richard joined the JHAI team in December 2013, as office manager.  Richard lives in Jackson and has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  Following over 11 years of work in data reporting and transportation management, he decided to pursue opportunities in an environment that would foster his creative/interior design passion. 

Richard's major duties currently consist of office management, performing accounting functions, bank deposits, payroll, taxes and registrations, marketing and social media management, while ever gleaning knowledge, tips, and tricks from Design Assistant, Susan, and Principal Desinger, Joan.  “He has a sensitive and intuitive voice with regard to design.  Richard keeps us in check as our office manager, but is an essential member of the creative team here.” –Joan Hawkins

When not in the office quickbooking or painting spreadsheet cells, you can find Richard spending time with his puppy, Voodoo, the latest – and cutest- addition to the studio’s Doxie club. 

His other interests include gardening, star and naval gazing, textiles, collecting (hoarding) all things eclectic and re-using resources, particularly when discarded objects can be transformed into useful, eye-appealing new pieces.  Richard also works part-time as self-appointed fashion police, and in his spare time, he really enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Business manager Chellie Revord joined the team in October of 2015. She grew up in Columbus, Mississippi with two older brothers and a younger sister. ("We lived on the outskirts of town with a barn and lots of animals, including a pet bear… A Himalayan sun bear, she only grew to be about three feet tall. Saying that we didn’t have a normal childhood is an understatement but it was so much fun!")

Before coming to Joan Hawkins Art & Interiors, Chellie was a teacher for 33 years with the last 23 years at Batson Children’s Hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Fondren. Coming to JHAI, Chellie says she's now the one learning with a new career she loves as much as teaching. "It was time to retire and begin a new adventure. And now I have a new career that I absolutely love almost as much as I loved teaching.  Now I’m just on the other side of it. I’m now learning."
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